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  • Custom Enchantments

    Collect and apply the Custom Enchantments and become the strongest player on the server!

    Enchantments Book
    Get enchantments book from [Enchant Crates]
    You can buy [Enchant Crate Key] from /shop
    VIPs has Enchant Crate key on their daily reward (/reward)

    Applying a Enchantments Book
    Drag and drop the enchantments book to the item

    Descriptions of the Features

    The Tinkerer is a recycling tool to get back some kind of reward instead of just throwing it into lava. If you have old enchanted armor, tools, weapons, or enchantment books in your storage that you don't use or don't want you can recycle them to get XP or mystery dust for them.

    1. Run the command /Tinkerer /Tinker
    2. Click the items you want to recycle
    3. Look at the rewards you get on the right side
    4. Click any items you want to take back
    5. Click the recycle button to receive your rewards.

    Black Smith
    The Black Smith is used to combine the custom enchantments from items. It acts just like the normal anvil but instead for custom enchantments. Each new enchantment on the item and enchantment upgrades that go onto the item will cost more and more XP.

    1. Run the command /BlackSmith /BS
    2. Click the two items you wish to combine
    3. Check out how much the new item will cost
    4. Click on the new item to finalize the deal

    GKitz is a complete set of enchanted diamond armour and weapons that have random leveled custom enchantments on the items.

    Can be claimed once every 10 days.

    Usage :

    You can buy various gkit with interesting custom enchantments through store.cursedcraft.id

    Lost Books
    It's a hidden custom enchantment book and will give random custom enchantment when right clicked.

    Success Rate Description:
    Success rates will determine if the enchantment book is added to the item. The higher the rate the better chance you have of it being added to the item. If the success rate succeeded then the enchantment will be added even if destroy rate happens to try and break the item.

    Destroy Rate Description:
    Destroy rate will break the item and book that is used in the event. If it is successful and the success rate fails then the book and item will both be destroyed unless the item that is being enchanted has a white scroll on it then only the book will break.

    No Rate Description:
    If neither the Success or Destroy rate are successful then the enchantment book fails and only the book is destroyed.

    Mystery Dust Description:
    Mystery Dust when right click has a 1/3 chance of being either Success Dust, Destroy Dust, or Failed Dust.

    Success Dust Description:
    Success Dust, when dropped onto a custom enchantment book, will make the success rate on the book rise by what ever the % on the book tells you.

    Destroy Dust Description:
    Destroy Dust when dropped onto a custom enchantment book will make the destroy rate on the book drop by what ever the % on the book tells you.

    Failed Dust Description:
    Failed dust is useless unless you need the gun powder for TnT or Fireworks. Fireworks is a good thing to use this for to make sweet fireworks to put on a show with.

    White Scroll Description:
    White Scrolls allow the item they are put on to not be broken by the custom enchantments Destroy Rate.

    Black Scroll Description:
    Black Scrolls, when put onto an item with custom enchantments, will take a random enchantment off the item and return it to the user as an enchantment book.

    The Scrambler
    The Scrambler is a way for a player to re-roll the success and destroy rates on their book. This allows a bad enchantment book to be re-rolled to try and get a better enchantment book.

    For Custom Enchantments Information
    Go to https://www.cursedcraft.id/ewr-carta/ceinfo/